wwe top 5 moments of raw

WWE Top 5 Moments of Raw 2019

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As we all know WWE has two main rosters Raw and SmackDown Live. So today we are going to take a look on WWE Top 5 Moments of Raw 2019. This is not the official of WWE. We include those moments which are officially happened in the Raw, not in the WWE Live events. So stay calm and read the list given below;

List of WWE Top 5 Moments of Raw 2019

WWE Top 5 moments
WWE Top 5 moments
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This is not the official list of WWE. It is based on fans suggestion. Comment down to share your favorite moment of WWE Raw 2019. Enjoy the list below:-

5- Seth Rollins Beat Brock Lesnar Twice.

Seth VS Brock at SummerSlam 2019

Seth Rollins is currently the Universal Champion ( Sep. 2019 ). Seth is one of that wrestler who beat Brock Lesnar twice in the history of WWE. Even Roman never beat Brock twice in his career. Seth is currently one of the Best wrestler’s in the ring. Seth beat Brock in Wrestlemania to became the Universal Champion. After a loose against Brock again he beat him in the SummerSlam 2019. No doubt he is one of the best in the ring. That moment when he beat Brock Lesnar second time in the Summerslam 2019 is can’t forgettable. Thai’s why this is in the list of WWE Top 5 Moments of Raw.

4- Becky Lynch Beat Rowdy Ronda Rousey

The Baddest women in the planet Rowdy Ronda Rousey was beaten by The Man Becky Lynch is one of the most favorite moment of WWE Universe. Because Becky Lynch was the first diva in the WWE who beat Ronda Rousey in an Official match. And The Man Becky Lynch deserves to be the Champion. She beat Rowdy Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to become the Raw And Smackdown champion. What’re your favorite moments in WWE Raw 2019 comment down below.

3- The Shield last Match

The Shield Last Match

One of the Saddest Moments in the history of WWE. It’s very emotional to saw their last match in the WWE. The shield broked when roman leaves WWE because of Leukaemia. But after his return in the WWE every fan want to see the shield. Before Dean Ambrose leave Roman wants to see the Shield again in the ring. And finally, The Shield reunite. The saddest moment of WWE. One of mine favorite Match in WWE. What’s your favorite moment comments down below.

2- Dave Bautista return

Biggest return of 2019 in WWE. Dave Bautista Return in WWE and attack Ric Flair on his birthday celebration. Bautista came back in WWE and challenge Triple H for a match at Wrestlemania. This is personally some of mine favourite moments in 2019 Raw. Dave Bautista The Animal Return YouTube views. WWE fans have waited too long for The Animal Dave Bautista return and he returns and every fan enjoys that moment.

1- Roman Reigns Return after Leukemia

WWE biggest moment in 2019 Raw is Roman Reigns Return after his Leukemia Cancer disease. He defeats The Leukemia Cancer. This is one of the biggest return in the history of WWE. Most emotional and the most energetic moment in Raw 2019. Roman Reigns is the biggest WWE Superstar currently, his absence hurt a lot but his return gave us a huge relief. The Big Dog Roman Reigns one of the fans favorite.

So here is the list of WWE Top 5 Moments of Raw 2019. Hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite moment in WWE Raw 2019. Share it for more.

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