WWE Roman Reigns Mystery Attacker Reveal?

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After continues mystery attacks on WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan Reveals that mystery Attacker. WWE Roman Reigns Mystery Attacker Reveal? Want to know Watch it or Read it below.

Credit- https://www.wwe.com

Mystery Attacker? WWE Roman Reigns Mystery attacker Reveals?

At the end of SmackDown Live Roman entered the room where Bryan and Rowan are with that Mystery Attacker. At the end Roman look confused because both Mystery Attacker and Rowan are looking similar. Now it’s gonna very interesting to see Roman Reigns in Next Raw or SmackDown live episode.

Who is that Mystery Attacker?

Daniel Bryan and Rowan with Mystery Attacker
Credit- https://www.wwe.com

The mystery attacker is similar to Erick Rowan. Both are looking same. I think that’s the reason why Buddy Murphy reveal Daniel Bryan and Rowan as The Mystery Attacker. The Mystery Attacker is an unknown guy no one know him. Don’t know how Daniel Bryan and Rowan caught him. Who is he we shall find out in next Raw or SmackDown live episode.

Is Daniel Bryan Making Fool of Roman Reigns or not?

The Mystery Attacker Daniel Bryan Reveal may or may not be the Attacker. Maximum possibility is that he is not the Mystery Attacker, Because WWE master mind Mr. McMahon never create a feud of The Biggest star Roman Reigns with an Unknown guy who never fight a match in WWE.

So, may be Daniel Bryan present that unknown guy as Mystery Attacker Because he want to save Erick Rowan or may be we are wrong. What you think comment down! WWE Roman Reigns Mystery Attacker Reveal?

So, let’s see where this Mystery goes. Hope you guys like WWE Roman Reigns Mystery Attacker Reveal? Comment down what you think about that Mystery.

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