Mystery attack on Roman Reigns

Mystery attack on Roman Reigns

WWE NEWS : Who is the Mystery Attacker?

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Last to last night Monday night Raw on 29 July 2019 someone attack Roman Reigns backstage. WWE is creating something very interesting for Roman Reigns. SummerSlam 2019 is coming soon and WWE want to book Roman Reigns, but the problem is WWE can’t create a interesting feud for Roman. So, now WWE create a mystery attacker. WWE fans are very excited for that because no one knows Who is the Mystery Attacker?

On 29 July 2019 when Roman got attacked by an Unknown. Everyone thought that he was Samoa Joe. Because before that attack Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe were engaged in a feud, where Samoa Joe told something about Roman Reigns family. Roman Reigns beat him in that match. So, everyone thought that he is Samoa Joe who is taking revenge.

But on 5 August 2019 night Raw Samoa Joe call Roman Reigns to apologize him because everyone is blaming him that he attack Roman but he didn’t attack him. When Samoa Joe goes backstage and saying Roman to apologize suddenly unknown car attack Roman Reigns.

Now everyone thinking that The mystery attacker is Daniel Bryan. Because WWE don’t have SummerSlam 2019 plans for Daniel Bryan. So, may be the Unknown Attacker is Daniel Bryan.

Roman attacked driver

In last SmackDown episode Backstage Roman Reigns ask some questions to a driver that Who is the Mystery Attacker? I saw you in the camera. He replied I don’t do that, What if I do that then suddenly Roman Reigns attack him brutally and ask him Who is the Mystery Attacker? He said Daniel Bryan.

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