Roman and Goldberg news

Roman and Goldberg

WWE News (Rumors) : Roman Reings and Goldberg ?

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Roman Reigns- wrestling news

WWE News (Rumors) : Recently Roman returned to wwe raw and now he is officially moved to smackdown. He made smackdown his yard now. Rumors related to Roman Reigns is that he is going to be the part of both smackdown and raw roaster. Some experts are saying that this is because of low rating of smackdown and raw roaster.

Roman gain that applause and cheers again from the crowd, and we all know that he is one of the most favourite superstar in wwe right now. Because of too high fan’s following of Roman Reigns Mr. Mcmahon putting him in both roaster’s.

If Roman appear on both Raw and Smackdown it may decrease that applause and cheers from crowd. As we all know that Mr. mcmahon is very clever and he is very famous for his clever strategy or moves. There is also a plan or strategy behind Roman appearance in both Raw and Smackdown roaster’s.

Let’s see this move of Mr. mcmahon is going to be successful or not in next week of Raw and Smackdown. But fans are going to enjoy because Roman is appearing on both roaster’s. This wwe news is about roman next is about Goldberg.

Goldberg WWE News

There are some wwe news coming which is related to Goldberg return in wwe. Yes, Goldberg return in wwe. Recently wwe is promoting Goldberg for his upcoming event in Saudi Arabia. Fans are very excited for Goldberg return in wwe again.

Some expert are saying that wwe approach Goldberg for his return in wwe because of AEW. If you don’t know about AEW ( All Elite Wrestling ) is an new wrestling company in the market. And WWE is afraid of AEW because AEW is approaching old wwe superstars or those superstars who are not the part of wwe now. Because of that fear wwe is approaching his top famous superstar to come and make a return in some events of wwe. Recently Undertaker make a comeback in Wrestlemania and then Roman returned from his Leukimia and Now Goldberg.

Who is the opponent of Goldberg ?

This is very hot wwe news now that who is going to face Goldberg in Saudi Arabia event of wwe. There are lot’s of rumor’s about Goldberg opponent. Some are saying that Roman is going to Face Goldberg in Saudi Arabia event. If this match happen fans loved this match and the TRP of that event is going very high. But there are some more rumors, some are saying that Bobby lashley is going to face Goldberg in that event.

Know fans are very excited about Goldberg return and who is going to face Goldberg in Saudi Arabia event.

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