CM Punk Return To WWE?

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Recently rumors are spreading that CM Punk return? Does CM Punk return to WWE? If you also want to know that Is CM Punk returning in WWE? Stay tuned with us.

CM Punk Wrestling Carrer

His real name is Phillip Jack Brooks. He begins his wrestling career in 1999. He starts working with WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment ) in 2005. Punk was Three Times World Heavy Weight Champion, Two Times WWE Champion, One Time Tag Team Champion along with Kofi Kingston, One Time Intercontinental Champion and Two time Money in the Bank ( 2008, 2009 ).

Punk is one of the biggest wrestlers of all time. He has a huge fan base. Also known as The Paul Heyman Guy, The best in the world, Mr. Money in the Bank, etc. Punk retired from WWE in 2014.

WWE Upcoming Matches and Feuds

WWE and CM Punk Relation

CM Punk relation with WWE is not that much good. Once CM Punk personal doctor told him that he is not fit to wrestle but WWE Physician Dr. Chris Amann told that he is fit to wrestle. On that Controversy, punk gave a huge statement on Dr. Chris Amann. Chris sue Punk and said that it affects my reputation. CM Punk relation with Triple H and Mr. McMahon is also bad. He targets them too many times.

Possibility of CM Punk Return

Possibility of CM Punk return is not high. Because of his relationship with WWE as you read earlier. Every WWE fan wants him back but the possibility is not high. Apart from that, if both forget their past then there is a possibility. We shall find out in the upcoming Royal Rumble.


Rumors are coming that CM Punk is returning to WWE upcoming Pay-Per-View Royal Rumble. He makes a surprise comeback in Royal Rumble 2020. We shall find out.

Hope you guys like it. CM punk return to WWE or not we shall find out in Royal Rumble 2020. Spread love and this post.

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