5 Chest Workouts that "The Rock" suggest to The world

5 Chest Workouts that "The Rock" suggest to The world

5 Chest Workouts that “The Rock” suggest to The world

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The Rock change his workouts according to the role he is going to play in his next movie’s. After getting absolutely jacked with his Hercules and Baywatch workouts the rock steadily released a new set of workouts for Jumanji, which he’s nicknamed #InsideIronParadise. These workouts are really brutal. For each movie’s he introduced something new. But in this article we are sharing 5 Chest workouts that The Rock suggest to The world. Ready to be like The Rock? Read on.

The Rock doing workout

5 Chest workouts that The Rock suggest you and the world. As we all know, The Rock is one of the fittest actor in Hollywood at present. He is an Professional wrestler, Actor and producer. He is one the highest paid Actor in the world. These workouts are some of those workouts that The Rock do.

Before You do

  1. The Rock do all these exercise under the Professionals. So, please do all exercise carefully.
  2. Rock use heavy weight. We don’t suggest you use heavy weight if you are beginner.
  3. He use some specific equipments. So we’ve suggested you to use alternatives if you can’t afford them.
  4. These exercise may causes some serious injury. Be careful.
  5. These workouts include a lot of volume, so make sure you’re properly rested and fueled up before attempting any of them.r
  6. And Remember you are not The Rock so, do according to your strength.
Rock posing with magazines

5 Chest Workouts The Rock Suggest

The Rock doing exercise

Make sure you read the upper section ‘Before You Do‘. These 5 Chest exercise/workouts The Rock Suggest to the world give below :-

1 – Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Incline dumbbell fly
Incline dumbbell fly


This workout train your flexor muscle, improve your grip strength. It develop your Forearms, Biceps and Chest. These are some benefits of this workout.

4 Sets X 12 reps Rest 1 min. between sets.

2 – Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell bench press


It Increased Muscle Hypertrophy and Strength, Development of Stabilization Muscles and help Improve your Triceps and Chest.

4 Sets X 12 reps rest 1 min. between sets.

3 – Push ups

Push ups
Push ups


For push ups you need nothing. You can do push ups in home. Doing push ups always help your Triceps, Shoulder, and pectoral muscles to improve.

Do Push ups until failure.

4 – Dips Chest version

Dips Chest Version


For this exercise you just need two parallel bars. This will help you to improve your chest and muscle strength.

4 sets to failure.

5 – Barbell Bench Press

Barbell bench press
Barbell bench press


It build muscle mass on your upper body, It put pressure on your triceps, shoulders and on your chest, Increase push strength.

4 Sets X 12 reps. Rest 1 min. between reps.


Please don’t over push your body while doing these workouts. Take rest between each workouts. If you do these workouts under a trainer that good for you, but if you don’t have a trainer then do these workouts safely.

The Rock

These are 5 chest Workouts that The Rock suggest to the world. There are more workouts if you want more comment down below. Which wrestler workouts you want in next article comment down.

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